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Welcome to Derby Dream Pintabians

The Place for Pintabians in Switzerland!

Welcome to Derby Dream Pintabians, the first Pintabianbreed of Switzerland! For some time we are to be invested in the search for our dream horse, for which it is worthwhile itself, our time, money and heart blood. In Switzerland there is a large demand for an elegant, human being-referred horse in the type of Arab, with multicolored tobiano. Pintabians are the completion of the type of horse desired. Our vision consists of introducing and contributing as breeders and pioneers of this race to its spreading and preservation of its good reputation these horses to Swiss and Europe. Unfortunately it is to be found a rarity breeder, to who the well-being of their animals is because of the heart and which therein it does not only see a product which can be marketed that it is valid to sell at any price with profit. Our goal is it to be received future relations at longer term to stand for our customers with advice and act to the side and to accompany our foals and sales horses long in such a way a life.
thank you Lynn and Bryan (http://www.ccpintabians.com) to help us, that our dreams come true.

Thank you for your interest in Derby Dream PINTABIANS.